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What is Imaginative Upcycling?

I define imaginative upcycling is the art of repurposing everyday materials and bringing them to life in a new, unconventional form. To me, it is not focused on the physical product, but rather, how this new creation is able to change the perspective, or even, the stereotype of an everyday object made to be seen in a new light.

This reincarnation of materials allows for these objects to live on in a new form, serving a different purpose than it was conventionally designed to do. Through my creative process, I have trained my eyes to view things for their potential versus their traditionally intended use.

Think back to a moment when society told you to be, act, or dress a certain way. Imagine these objects have feelings, liberate them and allow them to represent and serve a purpose that is something more than they were made to be.


My art is not focused on the end product, but rather on the journey. My pieces rarely ever turn out exactly how I envisioned them. In fact, I often start the process without fully knowing what it is I want to make. New opportunities and ideas can only come your way when you are open to accepting them. Zoom out and translate this perspective to how you view your craft in general. Remove barriers of entry that might intimidate you, like technical know-how, for example. Skills can always be learned but your mind, your ideas, and your creativity are unique to you, irreplaceable, and completely yours. Embrace it by choosing to have confidence in your ability to adapt and learn.

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